The most precious thing about friendship is that you find it in every single relation and find a friend in every single person of your life.

When I look back in my life, most of it is occupied with a priceless, most beautiful relationship called friendship which is a savior in most of the situations.

When you have a person with whom you would share not just your happiness but your deepest sorrow and able to live your life, I would say you have got a person who is a friend to you.

In every relation, there is friendship, in every person there is a friend.

It is just that you have to find and embrace it.

If you have a person with whom you can speak anytime and open your heart,
Trust me, you are blessed.

When you talk to a person, (who may be your parent, sibling, classmate, husband, relative, cousin, your child;) whoever it may be and feel that it is the best and only therapy you needed for the moment, you would definitely realise it is PRECIOUS. And it is called FRIENDSHIP by the way.

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